Orostachys iwarenge


Attractive Japanese succulent with unusual lavender-coloured and very delicate leaves. It is winter hardy in the UK so can be used as an indoor or an outdoor plant. If kept outdoors, it may die over in winter but will recover in spring as long as kept in very free draining position.

Stem cutting of a Dunce Cap succulent plant.
Stem cutting
£ 0.45
Bare root of a young Dunce Cap succulent plant.
5cm bare root plant
£ 2.95

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Stem cutting£0.45
5cm bare root plant£2.95

Available Options

Stem cutting£0.45
5cm bare root plant£2.95



Light & Temperature
  • As mentioned in the Care Guide, your succulent will appreciate light sun and semi shade. We keep it on the sunniest spot in the greenhouse – it grows nice lavender chunky leaves when kept in full sun vs. more flattish blue ones on a shady post.
  • Let the soil dry out completely before you give it more water.
  • Give less water during colder months as the plant will be dormant and not actively growing.
Planting & Soil
  • A well-draining gravelly soil mix is best for this plant.
  • This adaptable plant can thrive in nutrient-rich or nutrient-poor soil.
  • Your Dunce Cap loves rock gardens or areas with some shade in your garden or well-draining pots in your home.
  • Use a liquid fertiliser when your plant seems to slow down in growth or loose a lot of petals during its active growing season.

For more tips be sure to view the care guide.

  • Latin Name: Orostachys iwarenge
  • Common Name: Dunce Cap
  • Origin: Native to Japan, Mongolia, and Northern China

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