Echeveria purpusorum


Echeveria Purpusorum stands out for its thick pointed leaves covered in red flecks that make it look like a lizard skin. This echeveria is slow growing and will not overwhelm other plants which makes it a good neighbour for a terrarium. If used as a houseplant, it will show its best colours on a sunny windowsill.


ECHEVERIA PURPUSORUM CARE INSTRUCTIONS: It is very low maintenance house plant with undemanding watering needs and generally trouble-free.

– Soil: free draining.
– Sun exposure: Echeveria purpusorum shows best colours when exposed to sun. Please note it may need time to adjust to its new home so best kept in indirect light for a week or two after arrival.
– Watering: Let the soil dry out and then give it a moderate amount of water. Avoid water on the rosette.
– Hardiness: can tolerate occasional frost to -3.5C but best kept indoors or in a protected area in winter in the UK


Additional information


The pictures show the actual plants I sell. They are around 5cm 2 inches in diameter.


The plants will arrive in 6cm plastic nursery pots.

Plant Form

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– Latin Name: Echeveria purpusorum
– Common Name: Echeveria Purpusorum
– Origin: Mexico
– Ultimate size: up to 8cm 3 inches tall and 8cm 3 inches in diameter

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