Gasteria D Tiga


Gasteria Tiga is a succulent house plant with perfectly shaped upright rosette of patterned bright green leaves. It is a versatile decorative plant for practically any room in a house or an office because it copes admirably well with low light levels.

Ox Tongue Aloe Plant Gasteria D Tiga Succulent House Plant in Plastic Pot
Plant in 6cm plastic pot
£ 4.95
Gasteria Tiga succulent house plant in double Christmas pot
2 Plants & 6cm double pot
£ 14.65

Available Options

Plant & 6cm square pot£9.15
Plant & 6cm ceramic pot£9.15
Plant & 6cm heart pot£9.15
Plant in 6cm plastic pot£4.95
2 Plants & 6cm double pot£14.65


GASTERIA TIGA INSTRUCTIONS: Gasterias are easy care and low maintenance plants. They store water in their succulent leaves and therefore are very drought tolerant. Watering once a week in summer and once a month in winter is perfect

– Soil: Well draining soil is best. 3 parts compost and 1 part perlite or sand is a good mix. Other mixes will work well, but the aim is for the medium to drain well and be well aerated.
– Sun Exposure: Bright light without direct sunlight is best. A small amount of morning or evening sun won’t harm, but midday sun could scorch the leaves and harm the plant. Yellow or white leaves usually signify too much sun. East or west facing areas are best and check if the plant needs to sit further back from the window.
– Watering: Overwatering is the worst offender for most gasterias including this one. Water generously in summer but allow the soil to become dry in between waterings. During the winter reduce watering to once a month. Don’t allow water to sit in the rosette, I water gasterias from the bottom by leaving them in a dish of water till soil becomes moist and then taking them out back into the permanent position.
– Hardiness: Gasterias thrive in temperatures above 10C. Exposing them to cooler temperatures in winter will encourage flowering.


Additional information


The pictures show the actual plants I sell. They are around 7cm 3 inches tall.


The plants will arrive in 6cm plastic nursery pots. Decorative ceramic or concrete pots, if selected, will arrive in addition the the plants in plastic pots. Please note that the decorative pots have no drainage hole.

Plant Form

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– Latin Name: Gasteria D Tiga
– Common Name: Ox Tongue Plant, Cow Tongue Plant, Lawyer’s Tongue Plant
– Origin: Gasteria Tiga is a naturally occurring hybrid discovered in Catalonia, Spain, in 2013. Generally gasterias are South African plants.

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