Peperomia Hope


Peperomia Hope is a hanging house plant praised for its soft stems with round thick leaves. It is tolerant of low light levels and is a great choice to decorate modern interior or an office. 

Peperomia hope succulent house plant in small plastic pot
Plant in 6cm plastic pot
£ 5.55
Peperomia hope succulent house plant in small ceramic pot
Plant & 6cm football pot
£ 10.75
Peperomia Hope Trailing Succulent House Plant stem cutting
Stem cutting for propagation
£ 1.75

Available Options

Plant & 6cm hanging pot£10.75
Plant & 6cm concrete pot£10.75
Plant & 6cm ceramic pot£10.75
Plant in 6cm plastic pot£5.55
Plant & 6cm football pot£10.75
Stem cutting for propagation£1.75


PEPEROMIA HOPE CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Peperomia Hope is low maintenance and easy to care for. It copes better than other house plants with a missed watering or two because it stores some water in its semi-succulent leaves. Watering when soil almost dried out is perfect, usually once a week in summer and once very two weeks in winter. 

  • Soil: Peperomias’ roots need oxygen hence a well draining soil mix works best.
  • Sun exposure: Strong filtered light without too much direct sunlight (e.g. inside a brightly lit living room, or a north facing window) is best
  • Watering: Peperomias like more frequent watering that other succulent plants because their leaves are semi-succulent.
  • Hardiness: Prefers temperatures above + 15C hence one of its common name is Radiator Plant

Additional information


The pictures how the actual plants we sell. The trails are around 10cm 4 inches long.


Please note that we post Peperomia Hope in 6cm plastic nursery pots. The decorative concrete or ceramic pots, if chosen, will arrive in addition to the plant in the plastic pot. Please note that the decorative pots have no draining hole.

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