Sedum morganianum


Sedum morganianum ‘Burrito’ is a beautiful hanging succulent that is perfect for shelf decoration. Trailing fleshy stems that are crowded with succulent blue-green leaves, form rope-like tassels that spill over the edges of the pot. In summer, the tips of these stems produce small clusters of pinkish red, star-shaped flowers. A beautiful and unusual house plant that will thrive with the minimum amount of care.

Plant & 6cm tall concrete pot
£ 12.45
Burrows tail sedum morganianum small bare root plant
Bare root young plant
£ 3.95
Plant in 6cm plastic pot
£ 5.25
Plant & 6cm concrete pot
£ 10.45
Burrows Tail Sedum Morganianum Trailing Succulent House Plant Stem cutting for propagation
Cutting for propagation
£ 1.45

Available Options

Plant & 6cm handing pot£10.45
Plant & 6cm ceramic pot£10.45
Plant & 6cm tall concrete pot£12.45
Bare root young plant£3.95
Plant in 6cm plastic pot£5.25
Plant & 6cm concrete pot£10.45
Cutting for propagation£1.45



  • Soil: Burrows tail prefers free draining soil that dries out quickly
  • Sun exposure: It will feel best with some sun exposure, for example next to a west or east facing window
  • Watering: Burrows Tail roots may rot if the soil is kept wet for prolonged period of time. Water only when the soil is dry.
  • Hardiness: not cold hardy

Additional information


The pictures show the actual plants I sell:
– The young plants are at least 5cm 2 inches each and have well developed root system
– The stem cuttings are at least 2.5cm a inch each and tend to root easily
– Leaves are among the easiest to root of all succulents


Burrows Tail is a more fragile plant than other succulents are. It is normal for it to shed some leaves during transit even when handled with uttermost care.

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