Peperomia prostrata


String of turtles is a trailing indoor succulent plant originating from tropical forests of Brazil. Its small delicate dark green leaves with purple pattern can add an exquisite feel to living room shelves, hanging planters, or terrariums. It is tolerant to low light conditions and can be used to decorate any room in a house or an office. 

It’s also a great indoors plant for a house with pets because it is cats and dogs friendly (source: ASPCA).

Plant & 6cm round pot
£ 11.10
Bare root young plant
£ 2.65
String of turtles peperomia prostrata trailing house plant in small plastic pot
Potted plant (6cm pot)
£ 5.85
String of turtles peperomia prostrata trailing house plant in ceramic football pot
Plant & 6cm football pot
£ 11.10

Available Options

Plant & 6cm round pot£11.10
9cm plastic pot£12.95
Plant & 6cm concrete pot£11.10
Plant & 9cm ceramic pot£23.95
Bare root young plant£2.65
Potted plant (6cm pot)£5.85
Plant & 6cm football pot£11.10
Plant & 6cm square pot£11.10

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String of Turtles Care Instructions

Peperomias require somewhat higher moisture level in the soil to grow than do typical succulents like echeverias since the leaves are semi-succulent and store less moisture.

    • As mentioned in the String of Turtles Care Guide, we cannot emphasize enough that even though this plant is easy to grow and generally a very happy little guy, it is also highly susceptible to overwatering. How will you know? When it starts to shed its leaves and when scab like bumps start appearing on the leaves. The reason for this is actually quite logical – when waterlogged the necessary nutrients cannot reach the roots.
    • In colder months the leaves will store water, so don’t have a heavy hand with the watering can.
    • A good rule of thumb is to water when the top soil is dry.
    • Bottom watering is great if your plant lives in a small pot.
    • Deflated, flat leaves means you have thirsty turtles.
      • As this plant is originally from the rainforests of Brazil, they do enjoy loamy and wet soil, but never waterlogged, as mentioned above.
      • Choose a soil medium that drains well.
      • Fertile potting soil always encourages root growth -acidic to neutral is best.
      • When purchasing soil it is always a good idea to ask about its aeriation properties.
      • Proper draining is of the utmost importance to keep your String of Turtles happy.
      • Your String of Turtles loves its bright light but make sure it is indirect as prolonged exposures to direct sunlight may burn the leaves.

For more tips be sure to view the String of Turtles care guide.


Additional information


The pictures show the actual plants we sell. Plants in 6cm pots have multiple trails up to 5cm 2 inches long. Plants in 9cm pots have multiple trails up to 10cm 4 inches long.


The potted plants will arrive in 6cm plastic nursery pots. Bare root young plants or cuttings will arrive without pots or soil. The pots dimensions are upper diameter of pot, the bottom of the pot tends to be smaller than the top. The decorative ceramic or concrete pots, if selected, will arrive in addition to the potted plants in plastic pots and will fit them perfectly. Please note that the decorative pots have no drainage holes.

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