String of Turtles plant in a ceramic pot



Peperomia prostrata

Why is this attractive, well-mannered little plant known as ‘String of Turtles’ you might ask. Look closely at this stunning plant and you will find your answer in the white shell-like patterns on the fleshy dark green to purple leaves. The leaves actually do look like tiny little turtles crawling along a pinkish vein.

We say that this species is well-mannered because it will not overtake its neighbours or shade them out.

Because of its miniature size it is perfect for desktops or hanging baskets over which it will cascade to give your living space a tropical feel. This plant hails from the rainforests of Brazil. In the ground it will provide a matting effect.

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We cannot emphasize enough that even though this plant is easy to grow and generally a very happy little guy, it is also highly susceptible to overwatering. How will you know? When it starts to shed its leaves and when scab like bumps start appearing on the leaves. The reason for this is actually quite logical – when waterlogged the necessary nutrients cannot reach the roots.

  • In colder months the leaves will store water, so don’t have a heavy hand with the watering can.
  • A good rule of thumb is to water when the top soil is dry.
  • Bottom watering is great if your plant lives in a small pot.
  • Deflated, flat leaves means you have thirsty turtles.

As this plant is originally from the rainforests of Brazil, they do enjoy loamy and wet soil, but never waterlogged, as mentioned above.

  • Choose a soil medium that drains well.
  • Fertile potting soil always encourages root growth -acidic to neutral is best.
  • When purchasing soil it is always a good idea to ask about its aeriation properties.
  • Proper draining is of the utmost importance to keep your String of Turtles happy.

Your String of Turtles loves its bright light but make sure it is indirect as direct sunlight will burn the leaves.

We just know that you will get as much joy from this plant as we do from our forest of String of Turtles. Click to purchase and make your space beautiful.