Tranquillity, serenity and renewal are all qualities attributed to the colour Green Jade. This remarkable plant is an epiphyte meaning that it can grow on another plant similar to the way orchids might attach themselves to trees in a non-parasitic manner.

There are many species that from part of the Peperomia genus as a group and this one stands out for its impressive appearance. Peperomia plants are all part of the peppercorn family; they are low maintenance, make for a good companion in your home and they clean the air.

Something I love to see is a collection of different Peperomia succulents planted as a group – they grow harmoniously together and it makes for an eye-catching feature. It is a bonus that these plants are also evergreen.

Your Trailing Jade’s botanical name is Peperomia rotundifolia and you’ll be happy to know that it is non-toxic to pets. This plant can produce small flowers on its spikes but these don’t like to show off. If you do happen to spot some, be sure to take a photo and send it to me.

This beauty also go by the names Jade Necklace, Creeping Buttons or Round Leaf Peperomia. Have a closer look at the almost round, button-like leaves and you will notice the lighter green veins on the darker green leaves.


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Light & Temperature:
  • Your Trailing Jade enjoys lots of light; it does great on windowsills and in greenhouses.
  • Take note that harsh, direct midday sun can scorch the leaves.
  • It enjoys humid conditions but will still do well even when the air is on the dry side.
  • Your Trailing Jade is non frost-hardy.
  • Keep the soil moist but never soggy and make sure that, if in a container, that it drains well.
  • This plant is very easy-going but it’s not a bad idea to start a ritual of wiping leaves down gently to keep mealybugs away.
Planting & Soil:
  • Moist, well-draining soil is best for this enduring plant.
  • We like to mix two parts peat with 1 part perlite to keep our Trailing Jade happy.
  • Soil that is of an alkaline PH is preferable.
  • Your Trailing Jade’s stems love to intertwine and it is very happy in what might seem to be a crowded pot. You only really need to replant once it really becomes too large for its space or container.
  • The great news is that it is easy to propagate using a tip of a stem or a leaf cutting.


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