Ceropegia linearis ssp woodii



String of Hearts is an ideal trailing decorative plant that is sure to make a statement. Its unique heart-shaped leaves look amazing on a living room chest of drawers or a shelf. Some sunlight will highlight pink and cream tones in its leaves however the plant copes admirably well with low light conditions. 

This is an easy to grow and low maintenance indoor plant, perfect even for beginners. Overwatering is the most usual cause of problems with String of Hearts. Watering once a week in summer and once every 2-3 weeks in winter is perfect.  However it copes admirably with very little water and would not mind a missed watering or two. 

The String of Hearts plant  is an ideal gift to your loved ones. The heart shaped leaves stand for the love you want to give them. Please note that you can add a gift message during checkout. 

Plant in 8cm plastic pot
£ 7.50
Plant in 9cm plastic pot
£ 9.30
Ceropegia Woodii String of Hearts Trailing Succulent House Plant in Hanging Pot
Plant & 6cm hanging pot
£ 10.95
String of hearts ceropegia woodii house plant in small raised pot
Plant & 6cm raised pot
£ 10.95
String of hearts ceropegia woodii trailing succulent plant in 6cm plastic pot
Plant in 6cm plastic pot
£ 5.95
String of hearts ceropegia woodii house plant in tall concrete pot
Plant & 6cm tall pot
£ 12.85
Ceropegia Woodii String of Hearts trailing House Plant rooted cutting for propagation
1x rooted cutting
£ 1.55

Available Options

Plant & 6cm concrete pot£12.95
Plant in 8cm plastic pot£7.50
Plant in 9cm plastic pot£9.30
Plant & 6cm hanging pot£10.95
Plant & 6cm raised pot£10.95
Plant in 6cm plastic pot£5.95
Plant & 6cm tall pot£12.85
Plant & 9cm ceramic pot£17.20
1x rooted cutting£1.55

Reviews For This Plant


String of Hearts Care Instructions

  • As mentioned in the String of Hearts Care Guide, don’t leave this guy outside in too much sun. When you see the leaves shrinking, move it to a more shady spot immediately.
  • Small doses of direct sun are good, however too much direct sun can scorch the leaves. This plant is suitable for lower light environments
  • This beautiful plant seem to require more watering than other succulents because the leaves are semi-succulent and don’t store as much water as the String of Pearls for example (link to String of Pearls). On the positive side, we have never had a case of one dying from overwatering, it seems to cope well – very different to Echeverias (link to one of those) that tend to die quickly if overwatered for even short period.
  • These succulents love moist air and can even do well in basements.
Soil Mix:

Treat this beauty like a succulent. Any well-draining soil will do. There are so many different potting mediums that you can use. As long as they drain well, you are good to go!

For more tips be sure to view the care guide.


Additional information


The pictures show the actual plants we sell. The plants in small 6cm pots have at least 3 trailing stems at least 10cm 4 inches long. The plants in medium 9cm pots have at least 5 trailing stems at least 20cm 8 inches long.


Please note that the plants will arrive either bare root (Rooted Cutting) or in plastic nursery pots or with an additional concrete or ceramic decorative pot.

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