Do you have a hanging basket to fill, or a mantlepiece that needs a new look perhaps?

Even a windowsill in a bathroom (plants in bathrooms are a big trend right now). This plant offers you actual hearts on a string. Coloured in dark green, purple and silver; few plants are more stunning or easy to care for. They look great anywhere.

Ceropegia linearis woodii…

Is the official name if you want to impress people asking about your stunning plant.

The benefits of owning a String of Hearts plant:
  • This beautiful succulent is incredibly versatile. Grow them as long trailing plants, or wrap them around & around as a compact plant in a pot.
  • They grow faster than most plants. Click to order now and even the smallest cluster will fill a pot rapidly, making propagation very easy.
  • They are unique, unusual some might say, most definitely interesting and fashionable.
  • This plant is non-toxic to pets.

Here’s what to do:

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  • Give it a name (we love to name our plants!)
  • The String of Hearts plant has a succulent-like nature, they prefer short periods of drought between being watered. When the soil is dry 2/3 of the way down in the pot, then the plant is ready for some H2O.
  • Don’t over-water but also make sure it does not go completely dry for any extended period of time.


  • Don’t leave this guy outside in too much sun. When you see the leaves shrinking, move it to a more shady spot immediately.
  • This beautiful plant seem to require more watering than other succulents because the leaves are semi-succulent and don’t store as much water as the String of Pearls for example (link to String of Pearls). On the positive side, we have never had a case of one dying from overwatering, it seems to cope well – very different to Echeverias (link to one of those) that tend to die quickly if overwatered for even short period.
  • These succulents love moist air and can even do well in basements.
Tips & More:
  • Cuttings with at least two internodes on them usually take root in anywhere from a fortnight to two months.
  • As always, fertilize your succulents once a year during the summer. Use a weak solution of a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer.


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If you are a plant nerd like us then this will make you happy. Here are tips for propagating your String of Hearts…

  • Cut a strand and remove the leaves.
  • Prepare fresh potting soil (it’s fun to do this in an old plastic container as that way you can see the roots develop and grow, involve your kids!)
  • Water it, so it’s moist (not wet), and pop the strands in. The node without leaves should be in the soil but not too deep.

(You can dip the strand in rooting hormone before popping it in soil but this isn’t necessary).

  • Check the soil regularly as it should be constantly moist (not wet).

Watch your beautiful hearts succulent root in a couple of weeks. As long as the stem looks healthy and you don’t notice rotting, the plant should root within a fortnight. Also check out a method of propagating using sphagnum moss.

Soil Mix:

Treat this beauty like a succulent. Any well-draining soil will do. There are so many different potting mediums that you can use. As long as they drain well, you are good to go!

This is what your healthy plant should look like:

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